Our philosophy

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Bespoke tuition at all levels of study

Our name

“Ubi Tutors” originates from the Latin “ubi”, signifying “where”, denoting our platform as a prime locus or destination. This choice stems from the age-old Latin saying “ubi maior minor cessat” which means “where the greater is present, the lesser recedes”. This maxim, often invoked in legal discourse, emphasizes the ascendancy of a higher principle in instances of conflict.

“Ubi Tutors” aims to encapsulate this essence of excellence. The name itself suggests a promise: when you come to Ubi Tutors, you arrive at a place where premier academic guidance is paramount and that aims to be the destination, the “where” students can turn to for support.

Beyond its foundational meaning, the name was also chosen for its phonetic appeal. “Ubi” has a round, melodic resonance, making it memorable and inviting. Its brevity mirrors the efficiency and directness with which the organization operates.

Furthermore, “Ubi” embodies the idea of a journey – the quest for knowledge. When students ask, “Where can I find guidance?”, “Where can I achieve academic success?”, or “Where will I be truly understood?”, the answer points to Ubi Tutors. It’s more than just a name; it’s a testament to the institution’s mission and a constant reminder of its commitment to being the definitive place for academic excellence.

In conclusion, “Ubi Tutors” is more than a label; it’s a philosophy. It combines a sense of destination with the commitment to superior quality. It’s the fusion of historical wisdom with contemporary needs. And above all, it stands as a symbol of the journey and destination for academic aspirations.

History of our group

Ubi Tutors was established in 2020 by a group of friends whose shared passion for education ignited the desire to impart knowledge to others.

In the early stages, we focused on providing in-person tutoring services at the University of Cambridge, becoming a beacon of support and guidance for students.

Expanding our reach with the online platform

In a short span of time, our educational reach extended to the University of Oxford.

By 2021, we had launched the Ubi Tutor web platform, which became a significant milestone in our journey, allowing us to expand our services to online tutoring, seminars, and tutorials.

Our platform has become an invaluable resource for students worldwide in need of university guidance. No matter their location—be it Iceland, South Africa, China, or the United States—students can now receive personalized tutoring and support from the comfort of their homes. The advent of the web platform also enabled us to enhance our service offerings, granting students new avenues to learn and grow.

Ubi Tutors offer

At Ubi Tutors, our primary goal is to serve as a springboard for students in need of university guidance. We’re committed to:

  • Supporting students with:
    • Orientation – let our tutors give you insight into the concrete opportunities that each course of study offers you. They will be able to provide you with practical examples and real-world insights based on their own experience and the experience of other fellow alumni. This enables students to make well-informed decisions about their academic paths.
    • Seminars – Join us for a dynamic learning experience where students can come together to explore new ideas and concepts. Our seminars are designed to foster collaborative learning and critical thinking.
    • Tutorials – Whether you prefer in-person or online tutoring, we’ve got you covered. Our tutorials are our strongest offering, and we provide in-person tutoring in Oxford, as well as online tutoring around the world.
    • Workshops – Join us for hands-on learning experiences that will help you develop practical skills and knowledge. Our workshops cover a wide range of subjects, from coding and stress management to essay writing and more.
  • Supporting students for:
    • Admission – Our tutors are alumni of prestigious universities like Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London, La Sapienza, University of Edinburgh and many more. They have gone through the admission process themselves and have already successfully helped many students. With their expertise and guidance, students can learn how to apply to the most prestigious universities, both in the UK and abroad.
    • Course and research support – Our tutors are knowledgeable about a variety of subjects and disciplines, and they are ready to help students with their coursework and research projects.
  • Being a platform to share:
  • Study guides – Ubi Tutors is also a platform for sharing resources and information.
  • Financial support opportunities. These include opportunities for:
    • Foundation year
    • Undergraduate degrees
    • Master’s degrees
    • PhD
    • Postdocs

Our tutors

Our tutors, who are alumni of prestigious institutions such as:

  • Standford University
  • The University of Oxford
  • The University of Cambridge
  • Imperial College London
  • La Sapienza
  • The University of Edinburgh

…have gone through the admission process themselves and have already guided numerous students along the same path. They provide experienced guidance on applying to the most prestigious universities, not just in the United Kingdom, but also across Europe and the United States.

Greta Maran
Greta Maran
I have been working at Ubitutors for a few months. It is really flexible and everyone in the team is friendly and supportive
Theresa Passini
Theresa Passini
Always using their air properties calculator!!!
Gian Luca Marcellino
Gian Luca Marcellino
Hanno uno dei migliori calcolarori online per trovare le proprietà termiche dell'aria ad una data pressione e temperatura
Max Maran
Max Maran
I highly recommend Ubi Tutors to anyone in need of academic assistance!

What Clients Are Saying

We greatly appreciate our customer reviews. If you would like to give us feedback, please visit our Google page, or send us an email.

Francesco was a fantastic tutor. He has massively improved my self-confidence. He helped me write my application for my Masters degree (MSc in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies) at Oxford and also ran me through a mock interview so that I could practice my interview techniques in preparation. He was always a message away whenever I needed to ask a question about my university application. I be turning to him for advice and revision techniques as I approach my finals later this year.

MSc in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies, 2021/2022

I am extremely satisfied with the guidance I received from Jonas. The admission process, which I initially found to be quite confusing and overwhelming, has become a well-defined path thanks to his mentorship. Jonas was not only knowledgeable and experienced, but he also had a great ability to break down complex information into simple, understandable terms. With his support, I was able to navigate through the admission process with ease and confidence. I am truly grateful for his guidance and would highly recommend him to anyone in need of assistance with their university admission journey.

MEng in Engineering Science, 2021/2025